There is no doubt that most of us use more beauty products than we even realize in a given day. There are products for our skin, hair, nails, lips – you name it! And, no matter what the category, we each have our favorites. From promoting strength to moisturizing, and all-over replenishing, using beauty products that are good for you often means you’re getting a bit of a two for one. For instance, you may have a favorite lip color that just so happens to moisturize and give you gorgeous color all at once. When you find these products that hit all the marks, you can’t help but get excited! Ready to mix more of these good for you products into your daily routine? Keep reading for a roundup of the best ones out there.


5 Beauty Products That Are Good for You

1. Own Facial Wipes, $8 – How about a facial wipe that not only works like a charm when it comes to removing dirt and oil, but is also infused with green tea and aloe to both nurture and protect sensitive skin? We all love a good facial wipe for that quick makeup removal and this one moisturizes as it removes that end of the day makeup.

2. John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist, $24 – If you’re in the market for a leave-in conditioner, look no further than John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist. This light mist works wonders for adding volume and conditioning, but is also is infused with green tea and 9 other certified-organic oils and extracts. Both revitalizing and strengthening the hair, it locks in moisture and leaves your locks shiny and soft.

3. Motives® Lip Lock, $12.50 – When it comes to the go-to in locking in lip color, Motives® Lip Lock really can’t be beat. This primer not only gives lip color all-day staying power, it multi-tasks like no other – filling in lines and wrinkles, promoting hydration with it’s ultra moisturizers, and even promotes anti-aging by protecting the lips from harsh environmental factors. Why use any old primer when you can get all these benefits at once?

4. One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo, $29 – We all love a good dry shampoo for those days when we are on-the-go and just don’t have time, right? But what if your dry shampoo was also working on nourishing and strengthening your hair in-between washes. Check out One Love Organics Dry Shampoo for the absorbent clay, hyularonic acid and bamboo extract for nourished and strong hair – even when you skip a wash!

5. Motives® for La La Mineral Blush, $17 – Finding a blush that also nourishes and hydrates the skin and cheeks is on everyone’s list. So adding a mineral-based blush to your daily routine is pretty much a no brainer. For smooth and hydrated skin, while also getting that gorgeous, saturated color you’re after, try Motives® for La La Mineral blush.


What’s in your repertoire? Got any favorite beauty products that are good for you?

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