First and foremost, let me remind you all that age is a state of mind. Truly. If you’re anything like me, you know your age does not define you. When you look in the mirror, you see someone who has experienced lots of life, but she still looks back with the youthful glow of her twenties.

You still feel like you’re in the prime time of your early thirties and you’re often mistaken for being much younger than you actually are. You’ve lived a good life so far. You have an incredible network of friends, a beautiful family – in whatever form that is and you’re happy knowing that you can conquer whatever challenges come your way. You’re a woman! You’re a rock star! And, you’re nearly 40.

So what is it you should know? What are those key things you should’ve already experienced and when and where can you impart your knowledge for those you are just a bit younger than you. Not sure? Here are 40 things every woman should know before she’s 40 that I’ve picked up along the way.

Confident Women: 40 Things Every Woman Should Know Before She's 40 (Jennifer Lopez)

My girl Jennifer Lopez is one of the most confident women I know. Tinseltown / Shutterstock, Inc.

40 Things Every Woman Should Know Before She’s 40

  1. How to get back up after having your heart broken.
  2. How to stand up to male counterparts in the workplace.
  3. How to rock whatever hairstyle you want – from short to long to wild and free.
  4. How to host your entire extended family for a holiday dinner.
  5. How to nail a job interview.
  6. How to feel confident in your beliefs.
  7. How to apologize when you’re wrong and stand up for yourself when you’re right.
  8. How to do something completely selfless.
  9. How to do something completely selfish (like get a massage or a pedicure) and not feel guilty.
  10. How to get exactly what you want both financially and professionally at work.
  11. How to be a good friend when you’re needed.
  12. How to lean on a friend when you need one.
  13. How to bake a cake (even if it’s from a box!).
  14. How to buy a cake when you burn the one you try to bake.
  15. How to tell your children no.
  16. How to tell your children, Yes You Can.
  17. How to back down when it’s time.
  18. How to stand back up when it’s time for that too.
  19. How to try to fix a broken relationship even when it seems beyond repair.
  20. How to walk away when the time is right.
  21. How to put in a new lightbulb.
  22. How to get your car towed when the tire is flat.
  23. How to be yourself in a sea of people who want to be like others.
  24. How to teach those who are younger to be themselves too.
  25. How to cherish time with those you love the most.
  26. How to put down work and simply enjoy life.
  27. How to turn up the music and dance like no one is watching.
  28. How to turn up the music and dance when everyone is watching.
  29. How to style a great pair of jeans.
  30. How to rock a little black dress.
  31. How to go makeup free and feel amazing doing it.
  32. How to love freely and openly.
  33. How to open your heart to be loved freely and openly.
  34. How to open your mind to new things.
  35. How to learn from those who are younger.
  36. How to learn from those who are older.
  37. How to put it all out there and not hold back.
  38. How make the perfect martini.
  39. How to order the perfect martini.
  40. How to love yourself without judgement.

What about you? Can you say that you’re nearly there with most of the items on this list or do you have more work to do?

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