If you’re a coffee lover, these two recipes will easily become your new favorites for treating yourself at home. Just like your morning wakeup call, coffee is a great ingredient to perk up tired skin. Caffeine is also known to alleviate the puckering effects of cellulite. If you need a lift, or just a little pampering, you’ll want to gather up your favourite coffee grounds and whip up these coffee body scrub recipes to have on hand for a quick spa treatment at home. To truly personalize them, add a few drops of your favorite scented essential oils like vanilla, coconut, or cinnamon.







2 Easy DIY Coffee Body Scrub Recipes

To change the texture of these scrubs, experiment with adding more coconut oil or olive oil. Less is more at first, since you’ll want to see how the initial consistency turns out. The essential oils add a personalized touch, depending on your scent preference.



I’m a big coffee lover, so these recipes are on my list of favorites. Have you ever tried using coffee in your beauty rituals? How did it turn out?

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