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Snacking can be your worst enemy when trying to lose weight. You’re hungry and you need a little something, but you just can’t find a snack that fills you up for a healthy number of calories. When I need a quick, low calorie snack, I keep this list of 15 snacks under 50 calories in my back pocket!







15 Snacks Under 50 Calories

1.     Bell peppers. Delicious and crunchy one slice of bell pepper has just 2 calories!

2.     Hummus. One of my fave go-to snacks. Packing just 23 calories per tablespoon, pair that with a 2 calorie slice of bell pepper and you have a great under 50 calorie snack!

3.     Strawberries. The perfectly sweet, but healthy snack has just 4 calories per berry.

4.     Dill pickles. For only 8 calories per pickle, this snack will fulfill your crunch and salt craving in an instant.

5.     Grapefruit. Great for a snack or breakfast, it has lots of vitamin C. For only 39 calories, you can have a half of one.

6.     Popcorn. Not movie popcorn, but air popped and butter free, one whole cup has just 31 calories!

7.     Cucumber. Seem like a funny snack? It’s actually perfect for a hot day. Mostly made of water, you can nosh a whole cup of cucumber for only 14 calories.

8.     Cantaloupe. This delicious fruit is full of fiber and has only 24 calories in an 1/8 of a melon.

9.     Apricots. Juicy and filling, apricots are the perfect, 17 calorie addition to this list of 15 snacks under 50 calories.

10.     Egg whites. At a mere 20 calories per white, eggs are filled with protein, which means a scrambled egg white will really keep you satisfied.

11.     Olives. Filled with good fats, five olives have only 26 calories and are the perfect addition to a small salad.

12.     Grapes. Packed with good-for-you things like antioxidants, 10 grapes are a great snack at only 35 calories.

13.     Raisins. Sweet, chewy and delicious, one small packet of raisins is the ideal 42 calorie snack.

14.     Kiwi fruit. Known also to improve sleep (yes, really!) one kiwi is a tart 47 calorie option.

15.     Watermelon. My favorite summer fruit, a whole cup of watermelon is guilt free and refreshing on a hot day for just 48 calories.

What are your favorite low calorie snacks?


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