10 Skills You Need to Get Hired

Are you looking into 2015? Thinking about how you can get hired for that dream job that’s been on your radar for a while now? Well, you can do it! It’s just time to brush up on a few skills. With the skills you need to get hired in your back pocket, you’ll be on your way to that dream career in no time. Here’s a list of 10 skills you need to get hired in 2015 – use these tips and you’ll launch the career of a lifetime in just a few months.


10 Skills You Need to Get Hired

1. Critical Thinking Skills – Show your stuff to seek out alternative strategies and complex systems.

2. Problem Solving Skills – Making heads or tails of complicated issues is an excellent skill – relay that info into a solution and you’re golden.

3. Tech Savvy – Our whole business world is tech driven right now – and you need to have the techy scoop to hang.

4. Adding 1 + 1 – Having the ability to perform some basic math and logic goes a long way with employers these days.

5. Computer Programming Skills – I know this one seems like a lot to ask, but the tech industry is blowing up and programmers are in high demand!

6. Marketing and Sales Skills – Having a grip on how to market and sell a product is a skill no employer would ever turn away.

7. Decision Maker – Having decision making skills is huge. Having the confidence to make informed decisions shows off your smart spirit.

8. Operational Skills – Understanding how a system works and helping to optimize that system are priceless qualities in an employee.

9. Good Listener – Opening your mind to hear what others are saying is a great quality that will be respected in any setting.

10. Skills Assessor – Any employee who can assess someone’s skills and make adjustments to the team is valued and needed in a work environment.

Do you have any skills you need to get hired that aren’t on this list?

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