Serena Williams on the Cover of Vogue April 2015 Issue

I’m so excited to see my dear friend Serena Williams gracing the cover of Vogue’s April 2015 issue! Serena is a truly inspiring woman, a sensational athlete, a loyal friend, and just an overall beautiful soul. I’m so blessed to know her and be able to call her a friend.















In this issue for Vogue, Serena talks candidly about being able to change many of the stereotypes associated with female athletes, such as the assumption that she should no longer be an active player, or that she shouldn’t be friends with her fiercest competitor Caroline Wozniacki. But women like Serena wouldn’t ever get ahead if they listened to social convention. In fact, her motivation and success lie in her ability to tune out the world and listen to her own heart. And so it is that we get to watch her gracefully make her way to the top and keep setting new goals for herself and the women in her field.

































Congratulations, Serena! You deserve this and so much more!! xoxo

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