Powerful Female Characters

It’s no secret that I love a good strong female character. Seeing women on TV or in the movies that aren’t afraid to be who they are while still taking on the world brings me strength. They tend to be my role models and my heroines. I love watching them achieve amazing things. Their fictional stories probably affect me more than they should, but I don’t care, because I cannot get enough of them. Here are some of my favorite female characters who show the world who’s boss. Check them out below and let me know who your favorite female characters are!

Eowyn From Lord Of The Rings- No living man born of a woman could kill the Witch King of Angmar, but that didn’t stop her. This Lord of the Rings heroine was given one of the best lines in the film franchise: “I am no man,” right before stabbing the Wtich-King in the throat and destroying him forever. I can’t help but give props to this powerful, Middle-Earth babe.



Samantha From Sex In The City- Say what you will about Sex In The City, but I believe all the women on that show were powerful in their own way. It was a show ahead of its time and helped pushed boundaries in it’s own way. It paved the way for other strong, smart female characters. One character in particular, truly pushed those boundaries. Samantha Jones was a powerful public relations woman who held no shame when it came to her sexual appetite. She knew when to say when and had a confidence that could not be replicated. Powerful, beautiful, and strong, Samantha is an amazing woman in her own right.



 Arya Stark From Game Of Thrones- Arya started out as a bit of a brat while outshining her younger brother at archery and rolling her eyes every time she was told to sit still to focus on her knitting. She grew up under difficult circumstances and they shaped her. She constantly refuses to let her situation become her and is willing to fight for what she wants. Young? Yes. But insanely powerful, smart, and strong? Yes, yes, and yes.




Annalise Keating From How To Get Away With Murder- Annalise Keating, played by the incomparable Viola Davis, is brilliant, passionate and creative. She’s the kind of law professor you want to have. She’s also flawed and full of secrets you wouldn’t expect. She’s unpredictable, and despite her hard-faced exterior, she’s human and as dynamic as any woman.


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