Learn how to pay for College

Learn how to pay for College


Learn how to pay for College

Aspire-canada has some useful tools to help you learn how to pay for your college tuition and other related expenses. Plus we also have useful resources in our articles section that also features posts on personal finance and getting a job. Learn how to pay for college with these tips:

Aspire-canada Scholarship 2015

Each academic year, Aspire-Canada offers scholarships of $1000 or more to outstanding students. Only returning students need to submit the scholarship application. All incoming freshman student will be considered for the scholarship automatically based on a completed admissions application. The preferred deadline for returning students is May 31st. Applications received after the preferred deadline will be considered if the funds are available. In order to assist you with your scholarship application, please follow the checklist below.

Complete the Scholarship Application.
Log on to and create a profile
We encourage all applicants to also create a fundraising campaign on for education costs. Site participation is a factor in scholarship awards.
Please fill out a professional profile on (This is Mandatory for all scholarship applicants – please upload a photo)
Students need to submit a scholarship essay in order to be eligible.

The essay should be on one of the following topics:



Health & Fitness

Fashion & Beauty

The essay should be 800 words or more (not less). The deadline to submit the essay is by May 31st 2015. The best essays will be featured on the Aspire-Canada website.

Please Ensure you have a “Fully Completed Professional Profile” on the Aspire-Community
A complete profile is an essential part of the scholarship application. Here is the Aspire-Canada definition of a 100% Complete Profile:

— Your school/work/industry and location

— An up-to-date information (academic year/major/current employer (if applicable)

— Two past positions

— Your skills (minimum of 3)

— A profile photo

— At least 10 connections. Invite your friends/colleagues/family members to also create a professional profile on the Aspire-Community. Its easy – Just email them the link.

Other Important Tips:

Remember site participation is a factor! Here are ways to get involved:

Log in with your profile and post useful comments on articles written on Aspire-Canada.

Go on the Aspire-Canada Facebook page and Like the page!

Post comments on the Facebook page and share the page with your friends, ask them to like the Facebook page too. Become an Ambassador! Launch a group in the Aspire-Community and invite your friends!

Go to the Problem-Solver section of the site and post a problem for others to help you solve! Or Become an Aspire-Writer. There are many different ways to get involved.

Please submit scholarship essay to

Aspire-Canada Crowdfunding Platform

You can start a crowd funding campaign on Aspire-Canada within minutes for FREE! Just go to the aspire-canada website and crowdfund your educational related expenses. Get your family and friends on board to help you promote it to their networks – after all they are your best fans! Here are some other tips for crowd funding your next campaign.


4 thoughts on “Learn how to pay for College

  1. Jabas on

    How to pay for College is a critical matter. I accept the high cost of colleges nowadays and the economical status of the countries. If I my add the student should start saving early enough for the college studies. Also consider a community college that are less expensive.

    1. Aspire-Canada on

      Hi Lilian,
      Thanks for the comments. College can be very expensive, we encourage students to be creative when looking for ways to finance their education. Scholarships, crowdfunding, working part-time are options for financing a college education. We also encourage you to join our Aspire-Canada community!

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