It could be anything. You’re stressed at work, school or home. The clock is ticking on your due date and it’s down to the wire. The pressure is on. So how do you deal? It’s easy to let stress get to us, and hard to put all that stress on the back burner. I have a few easy tips that you can follow when you’re feeling pressured. Check them out below! When you’re done, leave a comment for me. What do you do when you’re feeling the pressure? How do you cope? I would love to know!


Give Your Mind A Break- When you’re working toward something big, it’s easy to let it get to you and, boom, you’re stressed. In order to avoid that overload, you need to learn how to silence your brain. Try practicing mindfulness or meditation to relax and get your brain elsewhere.

Find An Outlet- Find an outlet for your frustrations. Yell into a pillow, or go for a quick jog. Exercise can calm anxiety and stress so do something active. Try an active game. Let it out, girl.

Try To Control Your Emotions- In the moment, keep your cool. Maybe try to break from what you’re doing, take a deep breath and see where you’re feeling. Tell yourself everything will be all right and then get out there feeling calm cool and collected.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language- It’s time to get self-aware. Are your arms crossed? Do your brows feel as though they’re furrowed? Try to look relaxed. Loosen your shoulders. Sometimes the best way to be cool under pressure is to start from the outside in.

Just Do it- Sometimes you tend to pull back because of fear. That’s okay, but often you just have to pull through that fear and stress to get it done. If you can clear your mind in order to get it done, you can keep your cool. 


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