There are so many great hair salons out there with amazing stylists. With so many options, I know how hard it can be to pick the best stylist for you. I had to go through many many stylists before I was able to find the perfect match to give me my signature blowout. So how do you find your perfect stylist? Check out my tips to find the right stylist for you.


Ask Your Friends- Have that one girlfriend who always has natural looking highlights, a spectacular blow out, with a hair cut that’s always on point? Pick up your phone and text her now to get that stylist’s number. She can give you the details. If said stylist is crazy booked, you have a reference. It’s a win- win situation.

Check Your Stylists Prices- A great stylist at an amazing salon is going to cost you big bucks, but there are always other options if you’re on a budget. Decide what you’re willing to spend and then do your research based on that.

Research, Research, Research- Doing your research ahead of time is a good idea. Check out online reviews and social media links to see what people are saying. Luckily we live in a time where accessing information is easy, so why not utilize it?

Make Sure You’re Being Listened Too- Sometimes hair stylists have so many clients, it’s as if they they’re at ten different places while they’re working with you. It’s nice to feel as though you’re being listened to and your hair needs are being met, so make sure your stylist’s attention is on you and you alone.

Try it Out- So you tried someone out and it didn’t quite work. You’re going to have to experiment a bit then. Check out different hairstylists until your satisfied. If you had an exceptionally bad experience at one hair stylist, well, hey, it grows back! Or you could always get it fixed by the hairstylist that’s truly right for you.

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