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If you are new entrepreneur, you should invest some of your time in finding a business mentor. A business mentor can help you to navigate through the pitfalls of owning your new business. You will need the assistance of a seasoned pro to help you through many unforeseen challenges that new entrepreneurs do not expect. Furthermore, finding a business mentor will help you to form connections and build networks.

Become a mentor

However, when finding a mentor, you may not want to look to a friend. You would want to choose a person who has experience but also someone that you can receive constructive criticism from. In the mentor relationship, you must be like an open sponge, ready to absorb and process vital information. That may not happen with a colleague or friend that you spend a great deal socializing with. Consider people in your extended network. This person will know you but not have a strong personal connection to you that will hinder effective mentoring. Look at individuals in your industry. You may see a person that is a cons professional events that you attend. Conduct a little research. If they fit your criteria, reach out them with your proposal of mentorship.

Choosing a mentor for your career

The key to finding a mentor is to be open. A good business mentor may not always be the person you think would be great to help. Define what you are looking for in a business mentor, stick to your standards and research various people. You may find that you will need two or three mentors instead of just one. Do what works best for you. Remember, good mentoring will assist in growth of your business.


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