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Believe it or not, I can actually remember when common practice was to hand-deliver or mail resumes to potential employers. The world has changed so much because of the evolving technology that even etiquette for sending resumes by email has changed. Knowing the correct etiquette for sending resumes by email can be a little overwhelming. Check out my guidelines to email resumes before you hit the send button.

Etiquette for Sending Resumes by Email

Write, print and proofread your resume, just like you would if were going to send it through the mail. Even consider having a friend or family member edit. Having fresh eyes look it over will help find mistakes.
Save your resume in a Microsoft Word document or you can even turn the document into a PDF for a cleaner look. Using a PDF ensures no weird formatting issues!
Find the email addresses of the Human Resources or Hiring Managers of whom you wish to send your resume. (Email your resume to one person at a time)
Open a new email and type the contents of your cover letter into the email. Make it personal and specific to the job. Be sure to introduce yourself, give a brief overview of why you are interested in the position and why you would me a great addition to their team.
Attach the word document or PDF version of your resume to the email.
Proofread your email to be sure there are no mistakes and it is easy to read. Double check to be sure you have attached your resume.
Hit send!
Follow-up with an email about a week later to be sure they received your resume. Offer to provide any additional information they might need.
Good luck!

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