When it comes to choosing the right concealer for your skin tone, all the choices out there can make it a pretty challenging task! While you don’t want something too light, you also don’t want to run that risk of having a concealer appear pink or orange against your skin. In fact, you really don’t want anyone to know you’re wearing concealer at all, right? So how do you find the perfect tone? Depending on your goals, finding something that matches your natural skin color or finding a concealer that provides correction for blemishes and balance, there are a few things to consider.  Still feel like this is a daunting task? Keep reading for some tips for how to choose the right color concealer for your skin tone.


How to Choose the Right Concealer

  1. Think about your skin tone. Do you have pink undertones of is your skin more yellow and olive? Remember, if you’re choosing a concealer to match your skin tone, look for something that’s about a half a shade lighter than your daily foundation.
  2. Are you specifically trying to cover up blemishes or dark spots? Look for a concealer that’s about a shade lighter than the tone and color of your foundation or very close to the same color – this is perfect for covering things up on any part of the face!
  3. If dark circles are your main concern, you’ll want to look for a concealer that falls into the warmer, yellow family of colors. This is best for off-setting the blue tone of under eye circles.
  4. Think about finding concealer in tones opposite of what you’re trying to correct. (Like the color wheel!) If you have purple/dark circles, look for a concealer in the orange or yellow family. This will neutralize that purple. If the circles under your eyes give off more of a green tone, a more rose colored concealer will do the trick.
  5. If you have dry skin, look for a lightweight and moisturizing concealer rather than something that might end up looking thick or flaky. A little trick for under the eyes: apply a bit of eye cream under the eyes before applying concealer. This will help prevent flaking and creases.
  6. Remember, concealer isn’t intended to provide all-over color, but rather should go hand-in-hand with your foundation to provide an all-over even skin tone. Use concealer in small areas like under the eyes, around the nose and to cover small blemishes. If you want more coverage, apply concealer after foundation and for less coverage apply concealer first.

Do you have any tips for finding that perfect concealer?

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