It’s not easy to be stylish and let your personality shine through when you’re working in a corporate setting, but given that the biggest chunk of our day is spent at work it’s worth putting in the extra effort. To highlight exactly how it can be done we spoke with fashion experts and founder of Nomi, Jullianna Smith.

How To Be Stylish In A Corporate Setting

  • ‘Be seen’ without being seen in an ‘in your face kind of way’.  Always keep your outer layers such as suit jackets and pants neutral then add a punch of creative individuality with a splash of color or pattern to the inner layer. A bold black or grey suit enhanced by a blouse with a printed or colored element will add that sense of character in a tasteful and cosmopolitan manner.
  • Chose one statement piece to complete your outfit that is powerful and at the same time creatively subtle. One example of this would be wearing a solid colored jacket with strong prominent lines complimented by a lining with an obvious however tasteful print. Another example would be to add a scarf with unique yet sophisticated print over a white blouse.  This will enable you to exude confidence in a manner that is not overwhelming.
  • Wear pieces that inspire your inner persona and promote self confidence in a believable way.  When you feel strong and powerful in what you are wearing that sense of self assurance will shine through, however you should demonstrate that in a way that truly does represent your expressive style and not with ones that are trendy and go to far in their assertion.  In order to do so be creative and authentic at the same time and always choose pieces that remind you of who you really are in a fashionable way. By staying true to one’s sense of vogue in a sophisticated manner shows you are confident in the choices you make and are trustworthy.
  • Always select pieces that are made from prime natural fabrics and that are produced in North America which will last and stand the test of time. A quality piece made from choice fibers and assembled with superior craftsmanship shows you appreciate a higher level of expertise and have a keen eye of the visual aspect. This in turn will be a representation of your own accomplishments.
  • Stay in season with the colors and styles you wear. Staying harmonious with what you wear and the time of year is vital when showing your appreciation of awareness and perceptiveness. This is key in a corporate setting in order to be taken seriously and to show your ability to stay on top of things.
  • Don’t follow fads or buy into mass produced labels. Dress for success in a way that shows commitment to uniqueness and longevity. Stay sophisticated yet original in a way that represents a sense of self-security. This will show that you are in it for the long haul and able to stand on your own two feet in the midst of diversity and challenges.
  • Select an outfit that will be versatile to all settings that you may encounter throughout the day. Be sure you are ‘wearing the outfit’ and not that the ‘outfit is wearing you’. Your level of comfort and proper fit is key to maintaining focus and confidence. Always select styles that fit properly and showcase the appropriate assets and always ensure that they are age appropriate. Following this tip will demonstrate your sense of consciousness and sensibility.
  • Wear pieces with tasteful creative details such as buttons and embellishments done in an aesthetically unexpected way. Artful notions placed on a garment in this mode will punctuate your own story and elude to a sense of creativity and the ability to think outside of the box.

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