Home Decor Basics to Perk up Your Space

For so many people, a home is a direct reflection of personality, family and lifestyle. From the simplest décor like basic furniture pieces to the detailed parts of a home, like accessories and color schemes, the design of a home must also meet the functional needs of the people living in it. If you take a quick look around, you’ll notice right away that many pieces work both for function and form, while other pieces are placed strategically to work for daily life. Finding a balance that strikes form and function successfully is certainly the ultimate goal. From using space creatively to understanding how to develop the illusion you’re after, keep reading for some basic home décor tips and essential rules to help you achieve that ultimate sweet spot.


Home Decor Basics to Perk up Your Space

Lighting is essential. There’s nothing worse than going into a space that’s so dim you can’t read a book or so bright you feel like you have to close your eyes. Incorporating lighting elements that strike a balance between too much and too little will leave you and your guests feeling totally at ease. Try incorporating different lighting elements into any given room – some overhead lighting and a few lamps of different sizes and shapes. This way you have the ability to set the mood depending on your needs.


Find a sense of balance. This doesn’t mean that everything in your home has to appear in pairs, but rather you feel a sense of balance when you’re in a room. This can be achieved by pairing two chairs together or having a night stand on each side of the bed, but you can be whimsical with these selections. Use two different nightstands that complement one another rather than taking a completely symmetrical approach or use chairs of similar weight and size to create a feeling of balance without being perfectly matched.


Remember proportions. This is essential especially when it comes to the size of the furniture, the size of rugs and the scale of artwork. If you live in a large home with cathedral ceilings, you’ll want to invest in big furniture that fills the space, rugs that complement the scale of the furniture and artwork that isn’t swallowed up by tall walls. If your place is smaller, think about investing in pieces that fit the scale of each room and allow you to still flow and move comfortably throughout the space.


Use mirrors to create a sense of space. Mirrors are a great tool for helping to increase the feel of space, while also helping to bounce light around a room. Offering visual interest and adding a touch of polish to a room, they create an illusion of more natural light. Try placing a full length mirror between two windows – this will immediately give the idea that there is a third window or place a mirror across the room, opposite a window to reflect the natural light.


What are the essential rules you follow when decorating your home? Have you found any tricks that really help?



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