Hacks For Saving Money

I love a good “hacks” post, which is why I’m writing this one! Saving money is sometimes necessary and important. Sometimes you try to skimp on groceries or extra expenses, yet it feels like that’s no exactly working like you want it to. Here are some extra hacks to get your expenses in check, that don’t require a piggy bank. 


Store Lettuce With A Paper Towel– Feel like your spending all your money on fruits and veggies? Well, don’t panic. To help keep your lettuce fresher longer, use a paper towel to store it in your fridge and enjoy the fresh crispness, along with your heavier wallet.

Water Bill Racking Up?– A trick to help reduce that water bill is to fill up a bottle full of water and stick it in your toilet tank. Doing this helps make your toilet to use up less water, while still keeping it in perfect order.

Unplug Everything– I’ve mentioned how unplugging your electronics can help out the environment, but what about your wallet? Try to keep things unplugged at home when you can in order to reduce your electric bill.

Skimp On Pricey Makeup Removers– Instead try to use plain old olive oil or baby oil. Why rack up your bills with makeup removers when you have easy options right in your pantry and closet?

Aluminum Over Fabric Softener– Household items can add on to your already high expenses so make it easier by using aluminum. Not only is It recyclable, but it makes for an amazing fabric softener.

Repurpose– When your mascara gets flaky and becomes unusable, don’t throw it out! Wash off the excess mascara and use it as an eyebrow wand and flyaway tamer.

Skimp On The Unnecessary– You may want to consider less visits to the hairdresser, growing out your natural locks rather than dyeing it every other week, and opting out of dessert. You don’t need those extra heels when you have a closet full, so just focus on what you need and the rest will come eventually.

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