Facebook Rolls out New Changes

Facebook Rolls out New Changes

Yesterday, at Facebook’s annual developer conference, the major social network announced some big upcoming changes to it’s social media platform. And while most of the changes CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced are currently mostly for developers and app designers, the changes will eventually roll over to all Facebook users. Considering that most of us now use Facebook for business as well as personal use, it’s important to get familiar with these updates as they start to roll out.



Here are some key things to be aware of:

Facebook Messenger: Users will be able to send photos, GIFs and music using the chat platform.
Messenger Business: Facebook unveiled a platform that will allow users to directly communicate with businesses through Direct Messages, as well as will have the ability to make reservations and access shipping information.
Embedding Videos: Users will have the ability to embed Facebook videos on other sites (much like YouTube), easily allowing reposting and re-blogging of these videos.
For a detailed look at all of the expected changes,  visit Mashable.com.


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