Do you Make these 5 Mistakes at Job Interviews?

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Mistakes To Avoid At A Job Interview

When you are going on a job interview, you will want to avoid mistakes that may end up costing you the job.   Job interviews are very coveted at this point of time because the economy is so bad. Jobs are very difficult to get as are job interviews, so when you get one, you want to be sure to avoid any mistakes that you can make that might blow the job for you.   Avoid the following mistakes when you go to a job interview:

Being negative about past job experiences

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes a prospective employee can make. Never be negative about past job experiences. No matter what the circumstances of your last job, try to turn it into a positive. Look for what you learned in that job and do not make any negative comments about your past jobs or past bosses.

 Being unprepared for questions

The purpose of the job interview is for the employer to find out what you know about the job and to ask you questions. If you are unprepared for questions and stumble around when you are asked questions, you may end up blundering the job interview. Be prepared to answer questions that will pertain to the type of job that you will perform.

 Forgetting your manners

Stand up when you meet your prospective boss and offer your hand in a handshake. Look the other person in the eye when you greet them and tell them your name.   When you leave, stand up and shake hands again and tell them that it was a pleasure meeting them. Forgetting your manners will end up costing you the job interview. Be polite, shake hands and look someone in the eye when they are talking to you. Do not slouch in your seat and sit up straight.

 Dressing inappropriately

If you are a man, you should wear a suit to a job interview. If you are a woman, a suit dress or a skirt and blouse is fine, although a suit is better. Never wear too much makeup if you are a woman and easy on the perfume or cologne, too. Most companies have a “no-scents” in the workplace policy so please be careful about this one. You want to look professional, not like you are going to a nightclub. See more detailed tips here and here about dressing for a job interview.

 Pretending to understand what you do not know

If the prospective employer asks you a question that you do not know, admit it. Everyone may fudge a little in the interview, but if you are totally lost in the question and do not know the answer, you are better off to admit that you do not know the answer than try to fudge your way through an obvious lying answer. The question may be a trap, too.

Avoid these common blunders when you are going on a job interview so that you can ace the interview and get the job.

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