What is Aspire-Canada?
  • Aspire-Canada is a solution-oriented response to real problems that young professionals have gaining employment and young entrepreneurs experience while setting up businesses.
  • In particular, women and new immigrants face barriers to employment or starting a business
  • Aspire-Canada is also a solution response platform for students trying to gain entry in the job market and need networking opportunities and mentorship.

What are the aims & Objectives of Aspire-Canada?

  • Communities across Canada are faced with a variety of economic, environmental and social challenges. Aspire-Canada is committed to supporting positive change in our communities through the establishment of Local Aspire-Chapters across the country.
  • Aspire-Canada aims to help create more opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Aspire-Canada is proud to partner with private sector, and non-profit organizations to address the social, cultural, and economic challenges no government alone can solve.