Do you ever think that if you make just a few simple changes in your daily routine, you may just be happier? Transforming your health and happiness seems like a huge undertaking, but in reality, a few small changes may be all you need. From focusing on time to reflect to making a conscious effort to incorporate some daily exercise, following a few simple tips just may bring a sense of inner calm. Check out my tips for making sure I am my best and happiest self, every day.












7 Steps to Being Your Best Self

  1. Meditation. This comes in many forms – from a few moments of self-reflection to more extensive focus, the time and quiet is essential for finding inner calm.
  2. Get out and move. Going for a run, hitting the gym or even trying out a new exercise class – getting the heart pumping always makes me feel energized.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast, packed with protein. Starting out the day with a healthy meal is an absolute must.
  4. Water. Water. Water. It’s easy to get busy and forget to hydrate, making this a priority is non-negotiable.
  5. Take a midday break. Getting outside, walking around and having a little sun on your face will renew and rejuvenate your spirit.
  6. Skip the afternoon caffeine and opt for an herbal tea or an energizing green juice instead. The natural high is incredible!
  7. Turn off all devices, like smartphone, iPad etc. before I get in bed. Letting technology go for a full eight hours is a must.

Do you have any tricks to bringing out your best self? Please share!

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