6 Things Kids Should See Their Mom Do Every Day











As a mom – and now grandma to baby Ayden – I have worried a lot over the years about setting the right example for my daughter Amber. Having children makes you question your approach to situations because with a little one watching you, it’s important not to tell them one thing and then do the exact opposite. No parent is perfect and in our quest to do it all and be everything to everyone, sometimes it’s best to sit down and remember the basics (and blessings!) that come from simple family values:

6 Things Kids Should See Their Mom Do Every Day

Treating your partner with love and respect

Being passionate about something (a job, a hobby, a philanthropy)

Responding to others in a kind and gracious manner

Helping people less fortunate than yourself

Being spiritual (whatever that means for you and yours)

Keeping an attitude of gratitude

Are you a parent or mom to be? What values do you think are important to pass along to your children?

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