6 Daily Practices to Make You Highly Efficient

Logically you know that you probably should be getting a little more done throughout the day, right? It happens to all of us. We head into the office to work our 40 hours, but often get distracted, bored or even so overwhelmed by our own to-do lists that productivity seems to suffer. From getting distracted by what’s happening on the web to chatting just a little too long in between projects, finding some daily practices to keep you productive might be just the ticket to getting it all done – plus a little extra. Want to know how to do it? Here are a few tricks of the trade.


6 Daily Practices to Make You Highly Efficient

Exercise. Sounds like one more thing to add to the to-do list, right? Wrong! Exercising each morning before heading into a full day of work will help get the energy flowing, but will also calm the mind. Think about it: taking a half hour or even an hour each morning to focus on nothing but you and your body – what a luxury! It will kickstart your energy and keeping you going strong all day long.

Narrow down the to-do list. Sometimes that list can be so daunting, right? Well – consider narrowing it down to pick just a few must-do’s for the day – the rest of the accomplishments are a mere bonus.

Eat something packed with nutrients every morning. Doesn’t sound quite as satisfying as that morning pastry from the coffee shop? It might not be as sweet, but it can be just as delicious. Opt for a green smoothie loaded with your favorite fruits for an energizing, vitamin packed breakfast that will ignite your energy rather than giving you a crash and burn sugar rush.

Step away from your workspace. If you sit at a computer for most of the day, getting some time away from the screen is essential for both mind and body to refocus, reset and reenergize to get a bit more accomplished. Give those eyes a rest from the screen and the fingers a break from the keyboard by getting up and taking a ten minute walk. Go visit with a friend, grab a coffee or a glass of water – be sure to physically step away.

Not sure how to actually focus? Sometimes it means closing the door, blocking your calendar and truly setting aside the time to accomplish those must do’s for the day. If you have three items on the list – sit down and get through them all. Leave the emails and phone calls for later in the day.

Remind yourself that you’re human. Not every single thing will be accomplished and completed every day – and you know what? That’s totally OK. Giving yourself a bit of a break will often help motivate you the next day to be a bit more strategic and focused, often producing more than you ever expected.

How do you keep yourself productive throughout the day even when life’s distractions seem to pile up

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