Without a doubt, making a good first impression is a goal everyone strives for. Whether it’s meeting someone in the workplace or making a new friend – a first impression often lasts a lifetime. When you think about it, in the short amount of time a first meeting takes place, so much can be assessed. From body language, to personal style, mannerisms and even general demeanor – the other person immediately forms and opinion.  First impressions set the tone for the relationship that follows over time and often undoing those first encounters is nearly impossible. Here’s a look at ways to make a great first impression, from workplace meetings to your social life – get started on the right foot.

Be Yourself. Of course you want to be on your best behavior – we’re talking first impressions, after all! But staying cool, calm and confident means letting your true self shine through. Doing what you do best, talking about what you know and having the ability to not oversell yourself is key in setting a tone of authenticity. When you are feeling comfortable, the other person will feel at ease also – making this first impression as good as it gets.

Show off your smile. A cheerful person always makes a better first impression than someone who appears bored by the situation. You don’t have to go overboard here, but make sure you smile upon greeting and intros and make it generally clear that you’re delighted to be there.

Be punctual. This isn’t just important when it comes to the business world, keeping people waiting in your social life is also no way to make a good first impression. Showing the other person that you care about this meeting by being on time (perhaps even a few minutes early) shows that you have respect for yourself, the situation and the other person involved. It’s a great way to set a good tone.

Dress appropriately for the occasion. It’s true – during a first impression, your appearance matters. Whether you’re meeting someone for a career opportunity or even socially, making it clear that you care about your appearance counts. You don’t have to go over the top here, think clean, brushed hair, a touch of light makeup and an outfit that works for the occasion. Don’t forget – this isn’t about losing your personal style – it’s about making sure it’s appropriately adjusted for each scenario. Be yourself, always!

Use body language to show off your confidence. Stand tall, shoulders back and be forthright about shaking hands during initial introductions. This will project a sense of self-assurance and will help make the other person feel more comfortable. Remember to save the slouching for your couch at home and keep calm throughout the meeting by keeping some of your nervy habits (nail biting, jittery nerves and nervous laughter) in check.

How about you – got any great tips to share for making a good first impression?

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