5 skills every social entrepreneur needs to master

When Steve Jobs recited one of my favorite quotes in his ever famous Apple Think Different TV ad, he knew exactly what he was talking about. He knew that in order to think you could change the world in any way you have to be a bit crazy. To quote him, Steve said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”


If that quote scares you, you weren’t born to be a social entrepreneur, and that’s ok. If it pumps you up and makes you smile from ear to ear, as it does for me, then read on.

Perhaps you need a reminder what it’s going to take to do good with your business or maybe you are in transition and really need some help figuring out if being a social entrepreneur is something for you. Today I’m covering 5 skills every social entrepreneur needs to master if they’re going to do this work for the long haul, with these skills you’ll be able to outlast many, change things that need changed and prosper.

1. Optimism

In order to be a social entrepreneur you must be optimistic. You must be able to see the silver lining, to take in the tragedy in our world without becoming pessimistic. You take in what’s happening and always hold hope in your heart that if you do your part something will improve and many will be inspired to do the same.


2. Creativity

Creativity and innovation are big ones for social entrepreneurs, because without it we just recognize the problems and don’t do anything about it. Creativity allows social entrepreneurs to find ways to do things differently in ways that will impact lives not just boost wallets. Giving yourself adequate time to create is necessary and shouldn’t be put on the back burner.


3. Leadership

Leadership allows you to take your ideas, your solutions and put them into action. When you’re a leader, you don’t wait for permission or an approval and you certainly don’t complain, you just start.


4. Flexibility

Flexibility is what you need when your idea doesn’t work. When things look as though you’re failing and you need to create a last minute solution. It helps you move from loving your original idea to, “ok, what can we do now?” without letting your ego get in the way.


5. Determination

Determination is one of my favorites because determination will keep you going. Perhaps you were optimistic, created a solution to a problem and 6 months later it just doesn’t feel like it’s working. Staying determined keeps all of the above skills in the game. It keeps you going, it sometimes requires big asks, it inspires others, it brings change and it definitely helps you change the world if you master it.

You may feel like you don’t have all of these skills some days and I have those days too but knowing you need to master them is the first place to start. That way if you find a roadblock pop up and try to stop your work, come back to this, look at what skills you must strap onto your business backpack and remind yourself that being crazy is a good thing.


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