5 Makeup Brushes to Invest In

5 Makeup Brushes to Invest In

5 Makeup Brushes to Invest In | Loren's World

It’s probably baffling to some folks as to why you might have a multitude of makeup brushes, but just like a set of tools, each one has a specific job. Having the right makeup brushes for the right makeup helps create the perfect flawless look and makes application super easy. Some brushes have a precise point, while others are angled just so…and some are soft and fluffy. No matter what, you need a few to get that exact look you’re after. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for 5 makeup brushes to invest in.

5 Makeup Brushes to Invest In

1. An Eye Shadow Brush. Want the perfect swoop of shadow across your lid with just the right amount of depth and color? The perfect brush is rounded in just the right way so that it can also be used to add a touch of highlighter to the brow bone. Check out Motives Eye Blender Brush for your cosmetic bag staple.

2. A Pencil Brush. If you’re after something that’s works perfectly for smudging eyeliner and adding the ideal amount of dark shadow for the ultimate smoky eye try Tom Ford’s Smoky Eye Brush. Also perfect for adding a bit of highlighter to lower lids and tear ducts, it’s precise but still soft.

3. An Eyeliner Brush. For the most precise application of your favorite gel eyeliner, nothing is more essential than an eyeliner brush. When razor sharp precision is what you’re after, try the MAC 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush – essential for the thinnest line to the most dramatic cat eye.

4. A Powder Brush. For the softest application with just the right amount of dust, you need a brush that picks up the precise amount of powder and evenly distributes it across your face. Soft as a bunny, the NARS Botan Brush works like a charm.

5. A Blender Sponge. Not exactly a brush, but definitely part of the brush family, and absolutely essential for getting the perfect smooth canvas. Look no further than the Beauty Blender. This will help blend tinted moisturizers, concealer, BB Cream’s, foundation – you name it.

Below: 1. Beauty Blender Sponge $13; 2. MAC 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush $20 – $25; 3. Motives Eye Shadow Blender Brush $10; NARS Botan Powder Brush $70; Tom Ford Smokey Eye Brush $52 – 62.

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