We all know that slimming down your waist means taking control of your diet and eating clean. But simply scaling back on the food isn’t actually enough – it’s exercise that really drives it home. The combo of a healthy diet loaded with loads of fruits, veggies, lean meats and leafy greens and a killer workout routine – means getting those abs to have the slimmed down, toned up shape you’re after. If you’ve got the diet down – you’re halfway there. Just add these 5 exercises to help you slim down your waist and pretty soon, you’ll have the six-pack abs of your dreams.

Side Plank Crunch. This might sound like a tough one (and, it is!), but if getting rid of that muffin top is your main goal, look no further than the side plank crunch.

side plank crunch


Get your cardio on. Of course – this is essential to keeping the pounds off and the muscles toned. Complementing any abs routine is some daily cardio to get that heart pumping and the sweat flying.

image of runner


Jumping rope. Turns out breaking the jump rope out of the back of the closet is just what you need for slimming down those abs (amongst other things!). It’s a great cardio workout, but also forces you to engage that core – on repeat, every time you jump.

jump rope


Burpees. Ohhhh the dreaded burpee. This one might be tough, but if you want to blast away those love handles, burpees are where it’s at.



The Twist. Channel your inner Pilates guru to challenge yourself with moves that will give your defined abs in no time.

the 100 pilates


What are your essential tummy toning moves?


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