4 Signs You’re An Extrovert

I have no shame in admitting that I love being around people. Whether with my family, friends, or in the middle of a huge crowd, I cannot help but feed off the energy of those around me. Sure, I have my introvert moments when I’m home and need time to decompress, but “extrovert” is practically my middle name. So what exactly does it mean to be an extrovert? Here are 4 signs that you’re an extrovert. If you relate, please comment to let me know that I’m not alone.


You Love To Talk– Introverts are listeners and extroverts—well, we just can’t shut up. We love to chat about the weather, our lives, anything really. And not just to our family and friends, but to total strangers as well. We love to meet new people and learn about their lives while sharing tidbits from our own lives as well.

Socializing Helps You Feel Inspired– While introverts recharge by focusing on creative pursuits, extroverts feel recharged by talking and socializing with others. We get our inspiration from others. We find socializing others refreshing and gain our energy from such interactions.

Problem Solving Isn’t Something You Do In Your Head– When problem solving; we feel the need to discuss. We’re more willing to talk about our ideas, and thoughts. Doing this helps us to explore issues and argue opinions. When we’ve had a difficult day at work or at home, we prefer to discuss it rather than keep it to ourselves.

You May Have Been Prom Queen– As an extrovert, I’ve been described as friendly and approachable, and you probably have too. Our personalities speak for themselves, leaving us open to interactions and willing to discuss things. Extroverts are more willing to meet new people, so we’ll probably be the first to approach a new person at a party or social gathering. That’s just how we are.

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