It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, the pinnacle of celebrations for those who are happily coupling up. But not everyone finds themselves as part of a pair this time of year, and I know it can be a little frustrating with all the love and chocolate that seems to be on every street corner. If you’re dreading the thought of seeing one more couple holding hands over champagne and strawberries, then life coach Gabby Bernstein has you covered.


You may recognize Gabby from her books, Spirit Junkie or Miracles Now, among her various other projects. But the young spiritual leader and motivational speaker is now sharing her tips for both singles and couples in her new Glamour digital series Dear Gabby. I’ve included one of her videos below to help reenergize those of you who are feeling a little blue about the holiday. Cheer up! Love isn’t just for couples. Grab your favorite friend or make plans with your family. The important thing to remember is that you’re loved no matter what. xo

Watch Gabby Bernstein’s segment here on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single:


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