10 Interview Blunders that will Cost you that Job

10 Interview Blunders that will Cost you that Job

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Do Not Make These Interview Blunders at Your Next Job Interview!

Jobs are scarcer than ever these days so the last thing you want to do is to blunder the job interview. When you go on a job interview, you should look your best. Make sure that you are dressed nicely, that your shoes are polished and that your hair is tidy.   At all costs, avoid these blunders during your job interview:

 Avoiding shaking hands

It is surprising at how few people understand the common courtesy of shaking hands. Shaking hands is something men customarily do when they meet one another.   In today’s world, it is also customary for women to shake hands when they meet. In a business situation, both men and women should stand up to shake hands with one another.

 Avoiding eye contact

When you avoid eye contact with someone, you look as if you have something shady about you that you want to hide. It is considered a sign of honesty to look someone in the eye in the American culture. When you talk to your potential employer, look them in the eye.   You do not have to look like you are trying to hypnotize them by staring at them, you should break eye contact occasionally, but be sure to look them in the eye when you answer their questions.

 Acting nervous

No one likes someone without any self confidence, not even a prospective employer. You may blunder your chances for your job if you act as if you have no confidence.   Acting nervous by twisting your hands, stammering your words or twirling your hair will give your potential employer the signal that you are not a person who can handle the job.

 Falling for bait questions

Employers will often ask questions like “what is your biggest weakness? This is a bait question. You should never admit any faults when you are on a job interview. If you want to ace the job interview and not blunder it, answer the question with a positive example. Your biggest weakness can be that you work too hard. One of the biggest mistakes that people make on an interview is to answer this question with a truthful answer. Such as “I can’t get to work on time.”

 Badmouthing your ex-Employer

Just like you shouldn’t badmouth your ex boyfriend or girlfriend when you meet a new person who you want to date, you shouldn’t badmouth your ex employer, either. Never say anything bad about your former employer when you are on a job interview.

Not Wearing a suit or Looking professional

If you are a man, wear a tie. If you are a woman, wear a suit or professional outfit. You should look very business like and professional. You probably will not be wearing a suit when you go to work on a daily basis, as most offices have adopted the business casual look, but you will want to wear a suit for the interview. Wearing a suit will show the interviewer that you cared enough about getting the job to get dressed up.

 Wearing Too much cologne

That “No-Scents Policy” at most Canadian workplaces means it is really a NO-NO for your job interview. You do not want people to smell you coming a mile away, even if it is an expensive cologne. Minimize your use of cologne or perfume when you go for a job interview. Too much cologne is distracting and will end up being a distraction for your prospective boss who may even be disturbed by this. Both men and women are guilty of wearing too much cologne at times so go easy on the scent. By the way, you don’t want to smell bad, either. Make sure that you are well groomed for your job interview.

 Wearing too much make up

Women should go easy on make up as well as elaborate hair styles. Women who wear too much makeup to a job interview end up looking unprofessional. This does not mean that you have to look like a plain Jane, either. You can look good and wear your hair pulled back without having it in a severe bun. But long flowing locks and make up galore is for a nightclub, not for a job interview. While you want to look attractive, you want to tone down any elaborate appearance. See these hairstyles that are also appropriate for an interview.

 Not Shaving

If you are a man, make sure that you shave before a job interview. The scruffy look may work for some actors, but it will not land you a job. Shave and look well groomed before the job.

Wearing Dirty shoes

You would be surprised at how many people will notice your shoes. Women should wear a low heel and men should wear dress shoes. Shoes should be conservative in nature and should be polished.

All of your clothes should be free from stains and holes. You should dress for success even if you have to buy clothes at a second hand shop in order to look good for the job interview. Go easy on accessories, makeup and cologne and dress like you are a professional.

Avoid these mistakes when you are on a job interview and you may just ace the interview and get the job instead of blundering it.


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    1. Aspire-Canada on

      This is a very good question. According to proper protocol the general rule is that the person in a higher position of authority or age should be the first one to extend a hand. If you are interviewing for a job, the interviewer should be the one to take the lead. If you make a mistake and initiate it, don’t withdraw your hand because that would be rude. Always follow through with a handshake. Smile and continue with the introduction.

      Don’t apologize.

      Any other thoughts?

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